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Currently Clan leader of Dark Spirit Gamers! Feel free to join us!

I am GrNX, I am 14 years old and I am a part time gamer. I currently live in Yangon, I am from Japan! Please feel free to contact me and chat with me, I would love to talk with ya all. I am starting custom merch so feel free to buy it! I will be starting to upload videos on this website, pictures of me and this website is like the home of GrNX. Please feel free to contact me!

About Aubis Esports Clan
We are professional gamers, we like to enjoy playing games and talking/chatting! We are never toxic and we like to stay clean, we fight with clans even though we know we might lose because we never accept defeat! Join us because I have a 5 month recruitment starting 11/21/2020.
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This is easy! Go to Contact us and email/ call if your in Myanmar!


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I will weekly update!

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